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‘Intelligent Enterprise for Core Manufacturing Industry’ built using input from customers and industry analysts, plus the technical expertise Seabit has acquired through extensive business experience and research.

Seabit Technologies plan, and implement a coherent, integrated, and comprehensive information technology solution for every individual business. Intelligent enterprise solutions integrate end-to-end business processes, and so enable enterprise-wide visibility for better decision making in critical business areas like design change controls. This leads to better operational efficiency and greater innovation throughout the value chain.

Key Features of Intelligent Enterprise Solution

Real-time visibility to your supply and demand chain. Integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with your own shop floor and manufacturing planning systems, and with the systems of your customers and suppliers.

Intelligent solutions link demand and supply planning processes to suppliers and customers, delivering fast, accurate forecasting to manufacturing management.

Intelligent make it easy to build best-practice business processes and to create meaningful KPIs that accurately represent all related or underlying processes.

User defined efficiencies, shifts, etc. Just one component of the manufacturing production scheduling. Maintenance scheduling for machineries and equipments.

Separate Signature Limits definitions for Inventory and Supplies. Combine multiple requisitions into one purchase order. Manage supplier performance on-line and real-time.

Bar code data collection processing for inbound receipts to maximize user efficiency or the traditional manual receipts. Inspection processes are user defined for receiving or work in process.

Order Management – Standard orders and Customized orders. Technical data conversion for workflow analysis.

Requirement analysis and costing for customized products. Standard, LIFO, FIFO or weighted average.

Capacity Planning – Manufacturing planning software that enables multiple capacity plans for maximum flexibility. Budgetary control for new projects.

Sales and marketing are tightly integrated with service, billing, and financial’s to support complete service processing and accounting.

Maximize delivery reliability by integrating quality management and product-data management processes with core business information systems