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Intelligent Trade

Intelligent Trade is a sophisticated, robust accounting and business management software for small and midsize business. Intelligent Accounting software offers you the power, flexibility and support you need to face today’s challenges with confidence.Intelligent is efficient and easy to use graphic interface that’s consistent from screen to screen makes for easy data entry and reporting. Intelligent basic is right for businesses that require a fully integrated, feature rich financial management application. Read more

Manufacturing ERP

‘Intelligent Enterprise for Core Manufacturing Industry’ built using input from customers and industry analysts, plus the technical expertise Seabit has acquired through extensive business experience and research.Seabit Technologies plan, and implement a coherent, integrated, and comprehensive information technology solution for every individual business. Intelligent enterprise solutions integrate end-to-end business processes, and so enable enterprise-wide visibility for better decision making in critical business areas like design change controls. This leads to better operational efficiency and greater innovation throughout the value chain. Read more

Apparel ERP

Apparel industry having it’s specific nature of business: relentless pressure on price, cost and lead time. This market face some more challenges like seasonal fluctuations, design variation, managing supply and distribution channels. Only way to have an edge in this competitive market is an integrated business solution.Intelligent Apparel solution is designed to provide centralized control to the production flow from sales order entry to shipping process in garment/apparel manufacturing systems. Intelligent fully utilizes the most current Client Server technology to develop user friendly, reliable and high performance for solution for apparel business taking into account every client’s specific requirements. Read more

Retail ERP

Developing successful enterprise solution to business problems is a major challenge for business managers and professionals today. As a business professional, you will be responsible for proposing or developing new or improved uses of information technologies for your company. As a business manager, you will also frequently manage the development efforts of enterprise systems specialists and other business end users.
Seabit’s products and software are conceived, designed, and implemented using some form of systematic development process. Our application development include investigating the economic and technical feasibility of a proposed application, acquiring and learning how to use the software required to implement the new system, and making improvements to maintain the business value of a system.
We emphasizes that enterprise solutions and technologies must be managed to support business strategies, business process, and organizational structures and culture of a business enterprise. The goals of many companies today is to maximize their customer and business value by using enterprise solutions to support their employees in implementing cooperative business process with customers, suppliers, and others. Seabit stand with you in achieving and maximizing your enterprise goals.Seabit helps organizations leverage their outsourcing initiatives from start to finish.
The inception of any application/system starts with a clear definition of the business need and its evolutionary nature. Seabit’s rich consultation experience can help you detail the business requirements and scope out your growth strategy.
In the current competitive scenario every business has their specific challenges and needs, a business must have a specific enterprise solution that caters all the needs of their business process. Read more

Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

Intelligent CRM is a Solution that helps enterprise businesses to manage customer relationships in a highly organized and efficient way. In today’s competitive market, it is essential to build and sustain relationship with customers, while keeping costs low, but delivering results better than ever before.
Intelligent CRM solution, is feature-rich software that seamlessly integrates all aspects of customer life cycle from identifying business opportunities to sustaining existing customers. With this solution, you can automate everyday tasks, catch mission-critical & time-sensitive issues and stay on top of big opportunities. Read more

Point of sale

is designed to provide an extremely user freindly interface for easy data entry. Intelligent iPOS is right for businesses that require a fully integrated point of sale with rich financial management application Read more